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February Column

8 Feb 2022 1:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Traffic and What We’re Doing About it

Traffic in our area has returned to its high volume with drivers being reckless and distracted often looking at their fuel economy or navigation app on their phone, instead of the road in front of them. Hancock Park has seen many accidents and other problems and the Association is working with the LA Department of Transportation on mitigation measures.  Here’s what’s happening next:

-        6th Street between LaBrea and Highland – Installation of two speed tables on 6th Street.  These will be installed after a discussion with the LA Fire Department to determine the safest placement and design;

-        3rd Street and Rimpau – DOT is considering the installation of a “Rest-In-Red” operations, which will keep the traffic signal displaying a red light for 3rd Street when there are no vehicles travelling Eastbound and Westbound.  Right now this signal currently “rests” with a green light being displayed;

-        Turn restrictions on Highland Avenue: 

o   Beverly and Highland –:  1) Full time Northbound Left-Turn Restriction; 2) Southbound peak hour restrictions will remain as they are.

o   3rd and Highland - Restricting southbound left turns at 3rd Street

o   6th and Highland - Restricting northbound left turns at 6th Street. 

-        Install a Speed Feedback Sign on Beverly in each direction, between Highland and  Rossmore.  The specific placement hasn’t been determined yet, but the project has been funded and should be completed this summer.

Remember, we’ll be electing a new CD5 Council person in 2022.  The Association will host a candidates’ forum so you can meet and hear from the people running.  It’s important!  Our Council Member impacts the daily life in our neighborhood and electing the right person is critical to the quality and safety of life in Hancock Park.

And Stay Safe:  Subscribe to one of the neighborhood private security services, alert your neighbors and the police if you see something suspicious.  Leave outside lights on overnight.  Lock your car.  Lock your house. Set the alarm if you have one and consider installing one if you don’t.  Stay alert on walks and while getting in and out of your car.  Walk with a friend when possible.

Please see our website at www.HancockPark.org! Join a committee! Come to a Zoom Meeting!

Participate! We are all volunteers!

Address: 137 North Larchmont Boulevard # 719, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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