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July Column

15 Jul 2022 2:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Land Use, Zoning and  Keeping Our City Liveable

There are two major projects on the borders of Hancock Park, that if built, will dramatically change the character of our neighborhood and ultimately leading to further overdevelopment: 

1.     5001 Wilshire (the northwest corner of Wilshire and Highland) would replace the current two story strip mall with an 8 story, 242-unit mixed use complex.  This project would tower over surrounding houses and bring more traffic and noise to an already overburdened area;

2.     6101-6117 W. Melrose (the corner of northwest Melrose and Seward) would replace a single story retail strip with a 5 story entertainment oriented office building.  This would dominate the historic John C. Fremont Library next door and all the surrounding houses both north and south of Melrose.  In addition this development would involve a Height District Change; changing the current allowable height from 45 feet to 69 feet; encouraging more overdevelopment on Melrose.

The Association’s Land Use Committee, headed by chair, Mark Alpers, has been working tirelessly with the City, Council Office, neighbors in Quadrant 2, neighboring home owner associations and the developers to scale back these proposals.  The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council voted to oppose the current plans and our Council Representatives, Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell also support our opposition.

As the economy recovers the push for development and growth will challenge the character of our neighborhood and city.  As citizens we have input into this.  There is a hearing on July 28 at 8:30 held by the City Planning Commission on the Melrose and Seward property.  For information about attending see the Association website – http://www.HancockPark.org You can make a difference!

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