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Hancock Park 
Homeowners Association 
est. 1948

Block Captains

 Hancock Park Homeowners Association ’48, has an established  block captain program promoting neighbor-to-neighbor communication and neighborhood watch.

The HPHA’48 sends out updates containing information about neighborhood and city activities in Hancock Park in general.  This communication includes information on issues, projects and security we feel need to be brought to our residents attention.  We also have an excellent track record of reuniting lost and found pets with their owners using our quick email communication between residents!

Neighborhood Watch is also a component of what our block captains do. Block captains are asked to report any incident in their area to the HPHA’ 48 at security@hancockpark.org so that this information can be circulated to the block captain network. We also copy the LAPD and our private security companies. In this way the neighborhood is kept informed and a record of incidents is generated. Please report all crimes to the LAPD and your Private Security Companies. Remember to list the time and date of the incident and any significant descriptions.

Does your block have a block captain? You can find out by emailing us at blockcaptain@hancockpark.org or info@hancockpark.org. Make sure you include your complete address, especially whether your block is a north or south block.

Are you interested in becoming a Block Captain?

Hancock Park Block Captain Duties:

 1.Create a block information sheet for each residence on your block. Update the block sheet once a year or as needed  and make sure each residence has a copy. The information sheet should include: House number, name of residents, names of those working in the household, animals, contact phone numbers (home, work and cell) and e-mail addresses. 

2. Use the blocks emails as a way of distributing neighborhood information, announcements or for emergency situations. The HPHA’48 may forward information to you so you can forward it to your block.    Share the HPHA'48 website with any new neighbors!  www.HancockPark.org

3. Host an Annual Block meeting for the residents on your block!  It's fun and people have a chance to connect with their neighbors. It's also a great way to introduce new homeowners to the rest of the block!

4.  Serve as the liaison between the residents on your block and the HPHA’48. Attend the Annual HPHA’48 Block Captain dinner meeting.

5. Work with the HPHA’48 Security Chair to set up a meeting for your block to discuss neighborhood watch ideas with LAPD, and Private patrol companies SSA and ADT…as needed.

Address: 137 North Larchmont Boulevard # 719, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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