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Streets and sidewalks in Hancock Park 

The HPHA'48 works closely with the City as we continue to repair our streets and sidewalks. For further in formation please contact us at streets@hancockpark.org

Current Information regarding Hancock Park Street Repair:

  • Since coming into office in 2015, Councilmember Ryu has been an incessant advocate for concrete street repairs at City Hall and has pushed for more street reconstruction dollars for D & F rated streets, which make up the majority of streets in Hancock Park.
  • In particular, Councilman Ryu has placed special emphasis on the streets in Hancock Park as the HPOZ in the area requires like for like concrete streets for any replacements to maintain the character of the neighborhood.

Concrete Repair Work to Date

Intersection at Las Palmas and Oakwood

Street Segment on 4th Street between Highland and McCadden

Street Segment on McCadden between 2nd and 3rd St

  • Scheduled for completion by the end of 2017 by contract awarded to Sully-Miller Co.  Final steps to approve the work, and finalize the timeline for the work, is an approved    submission by the contractor of a Traffic Control Plan (TCP), reviewed and approved by DOT and BOE.  The currently submitted TCP has been received by the city and returned to the Contractor for some additional changes to ensure the work is conducted in a way that minimizes community impacts.
  • Work will require certain blockages of local driveways in the areas where the work takes place and occasional closures or one-way street limitations during the work.
  • Funded by budget dollars allocated in the FY16-17 budget due to special request by Councilmember Ryu.

Future street segments

  • $800,000 in Measure R Local Return funding secured in the FY17-18 budget under Physical Plant CIEP for "Concrete Street Repair – Hancock Park".
  • Project design to begin in November 2017.

Concrete Repair Pilot Program

Concrete Streets repair work in Hancock Park has been funded at the urging of Councilmember Ryu as part of a concrete street pilot program with the intent of measuring the true costs of concrete repairs, versus the lifetime of those repairs and determining the cost, efficiency, and customer experience of repairs conducted by city forces (Street Services) and outside contractors.

This pilot program is in its final repair stages with the Sully-Miller contract bringing the final data on the contractor experience and cost per square foot.

Once that repair project is finished, Councilmember Ryu will push for a full comparison report of the work and an analysis of concrete versus asphalt, city crews versus contractors, and more.

A legislative motion requesting that report is currently pending in the Public Works Committee, which Councilmember Ryu sits on, and can be viewed here: http://clkrep.lacity.org/onlinedocs/2016/16-0395-s1_mot_08-04-2017.pdf

Long term, the goal is to push for a system-wide approach to concrete repair in the many areas throughout the City that have or need concrete streets (for example, hillside streets that for structural reasons can only be repaired in concrete).

Other repair items and sidewalks

Street Cut Moratorium

Small contractors sometimes do work without pulling permits, notifying the city, or paying attention to the one-year moratorium.  If you are not sure if someone has a permit or want to report what looks like a poor attempt to fix the street (or fixing the street in a material that is not like the street itself) please take any photos or documenting evidence you can and call the Bureau of Street Services call center – 1.800.996.2489

Sidewalk Repairs

  • The City entered into a 30-year settlement with ADA advocated agreeing to spend $31,000,000 per year in sidewalk repairs.  You can report sidewalks that need repairs at this link (http://www.sidewalks.lacity.org).  Note, priority will be given to repairs reported in the Access Request Program, per the settlement, for those with mobility disabilities.

Address: 137 North Larchmont Boulevard # 719, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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