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Filming In Hancock Park -- Film Production Donations

Thank you for your film production donation to the HPHA! Your donations help to keep Hancock Park beautiful! (Scroll down for additional information on our Good Neighbor Guidelines and other helpful information in filming in Hancock Park.)

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Filming In Hancock Park -- Guidelines for Filming

I. HP Good Neighbor Filming Guidelines

II. LA City Ordinance Regarding Filming in Neighborhoods

III. Special Filming Conditions per FILM LA for Filming in Hancock Park

I. Hancock Park Good Neighbor Filming Guidelines

 “Common sense and common courtesy for the benefit of the film industry and the preservation and quality of life of our neighborhood.”


Los Angeles City Ordinance No 170,516, entitled Infrequent Use of Property for Commercial Filming (see below), permits only “infrequent” commercial filming in residential neighborhoods such as Hancock Park, and requires that filming be “conducted at such times and in such manner as to cause a minimum of interference with the enjoyment and use of adjacent property.” Consistent with these requirements, and in response to productions interested in using a home as a "recurring location" Hancock Park defines “infrequent” filming as a maximum of 14 total filming days per calendar year on each block. There are 72 residential blocks located in Hancock Park for potential locations.  Additional filming days beyond 14 total days per calendar year, shall require the written consent of the majority, more then 50%, of the residents on the location block and homes behind the location address.  No single shoot should last more than 5 consecutive days, inclusive of substantial prep and strike days (defined as as activities using three or more production vehicles). Every effort should be made to allow a 30-day quiet period (no filming or filming set-up) between filming shoots on the same block.  Immediately adjacent blocks may also require a quiet period if additional filming days filming negatively impact residents on those blocks i.e restricted parking. This condition strikes an important balance between the enjoyment and use of adjacent homeowner’s properties and also are supportive of the local film industry.  

Notice/Surveys Residents on blocks affected by filming activities must be notified of the address, date, hours, and given contact phone numbers for the production/location manage as soon as a contract for rental of a residential property for filming has been initiated and prior to permit application. The film coordinator for Hancock Park, Debbie Alpert’s , 323-314-8510 must be notified and will then notify the Hancock Park Block Captain for that block. All affected/adjacent residents must be surveyed well in advance of the first day of filming or the first day of any substantial set preparation (48 hr minimum)   And a majority of block homeowners and immediately adjacent homeowners must agree to any filming conditions not outlined or in compliance with our Good Neighbor Filming Policy. This must be done in writing and verified prior to permit approval. Verbal approvals are not allowed. A representative from Council District 4 must be allowed to verify the survey results.

Hours/Weekends/Holidays Filming is permitted between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Filming is not permitted during other hours, or on weekends and holidays (federal, state and religious) No production vehicles are allowed to arrive prior to 7:00 am and must depart area “tail lights” by 10:00 pm. Any deviation from hours or weekend/holiday filming requires written approval from a majority, more then 50%, of homeowners on the block where filming and posting take place.

Parking Film production trucks may park only on the side of the street of the location house. These vehicles may not interfere with gardeners, residential construction, trash collection, or resident safety. On trash pickup days the production company will ensure all trash cans are accessible by refuse personnel. If trash pickup is missed the production company must make arrangements to have trash picked up within  24 hours of the missed collection .Generators, with the proper noise shield, shall park only in front of the location house or other house that has given its written consent. No personal vehicle of cast, crew, or film service providers may park on area streets; off-site parking with shuttles to the location house must be arranged. Posting for no parking on residential streets will not be allowed until after the permit has been approved.

Equipment No equipment shall be placed on sidewalks, parkways, or allowed to remain in public view except as necessary while filming and during moving from the production trucks to the location house. This includes, but is no limited to all craft service, catering, food, and dining equipment, tables, and vehicles, which are prohibited on streets, sidewalks, and parkways, and must be out of public view.

Compliance To ensure compliance with our policies, the location homeowners or a qualified representative, an off-duty/retired police officer and a FILMLA monitor must be present at all times at the location house. The officer and monitor must arrive 1 hour prior to the permit start time and shall remain until after all film personnel and vehicles have departed.

No Modification Signature surveys, private negotiations and all other activities designed to modify these policies are strongly discouraged.


II. Los Angeles City Ordinance Regarding Commercial Filming In Reside Neighborhoods:

City ordinance No 170,516. Infrequent Use of Property for Commercial Filming

City of Los Angeles, Division 22, Chapter 13, Article 8, Section 22.350:

13. Infrequent Use of Property for Commercial Filming. Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this article to the contrary, property in all zones may be used for the purpose of infrequent filming of commercial motion pictures and still photographs, provided that a permit therefore has first been obtained from the City Council, or whoever the Council by order, resolution or ordinance may delegate such authority. The City Council, or whomever the Council by order, resolution or ordinance may delegate such authority shall adopt such rules and regulations concerning the issuance of said permits as may be necessary to assure that filming will be conducted at such times and in such a manner as to cause a minimum of interference with the enjoyment and use of adjacent property, and consistent with public health, safety and general welfare. (Added by Ord No. 147.074, Eff. 5/18/75) (Amended by Ord. No. 170,516, Eff. 6/18/95.)



The Special Filming Conditions described below will be included in the terms and conditions of permits issued for filming in this area and are in addition to the standard terms and conditions applicable to filming permits generally. While these Special Filming Conditions will be included as terms if a permit for filming in this area is issued, they are not intended to, and do not, establish the criteria or standards for determining whether or not a particular permit (or permits) will be issued for this area. The decision whether or not a particular permit (or permits) will be issued is vested in the discretion of the appropriate City or County department or their designees (including FilmLA), to be exercised consistent with public health, safety and general welfare, and applicable land-use ordinances.

  • FilmLA will evaluate all requests for permits in this area using the following criteria: Frequency of filming per block near the requested location and parking areas Duration and frequency of recent filming Proximity of concurrent filming activities Historical use Recent problems or complaints Number of filming days requested Company size Proposed activities (effects, excessive noise, cranes, etc.) any other criteria that may be relevant to the specific situation. NO PERMITS FOR THIS AREA SHOULD BE ASSUMED TO BE AVAILABLE WITHOUT THE ABOVE REVIEW.

  • The Permit Authority will exercise additional oversight in the review and evaluation of historically filmed areas to provide balance between the community and the industry. Evaluation may include counting any substantial prepping and striking activities as part of filming frequency and additional outreach and coordination with productions that would like to establish this area as a “reoccurring location”. Recurring locations are defined as filming at an address or block multiple times over the course of the timeline of the production. Filming at a recurring location requires significant support of affected residents via the community survey process.

  • Survey forms will include a complete description of all filming activities, specify dates and arrival and departure times, areas intended for equipment parking (whether posting is requested or not), and any other filming details that are relevant to the situation. Surveys must be obtained from all residences within 300 feet of filming activities and/or within 200 feet of equipment parking. Surveys are only valid and counted if signed by the homeowner or current lessee/tenant, which the homeowner or current lessee/tenant must attest to on the survey form. The production company is responsible for submitting the required surveys and corresponding map to FilmLA at least 24 hours in advance of the first day of filming. This will provide necessary time to review the material and communicate to the production company the status of their request.

  • Affected residents must be notified at least two (2) days in advance of the first day of filming or the first day of any substantial set preparation. Permit request must be submitted to FilmLA at least three (3) days in advance.

  • Filming in Hancock Park (bounded by Highland Avenue, Melrose Avenue, Wilshire Boulevard and Rossmore Avenue) requires that notification be given to the representative of that Homeowners’ Association. Our current Hancock Park Filming Chair is Debbie Alpers , her contact information is Email: dnaandco@me.com  Cell: 323-314-8510

  • Weekend and holiday filming is generally prohibited, unless significant support (majority) is obtained via the community survey process from affected residents.

  • A FilmLA Monitor will be assigned to encourage compliance with the permit and conditions. The Monitor will generally arrive at the designated location 1 hour prior to the permit start time to note proper arrival time and remain with the production company during all filming- related activities and ensure proper departure time.

  • Personal vehicles of cast/crew are not permitted to park on area streets. Off-site parking must be arranged by the production company and cast/crew must be shuttled to and from the location.

  • Parking of production equipment is limited to one side of the street. Film company vehicles shall not interfere with gardeners’ activities, safe use of the streets or access to resident driveways, unless approved by the affected residents. On trash pickup days the production company will ensure all trash cans are accessible by refuse personnel. If trash pickup is missed the production company must make arrangements to have trash picked up within 48 hours.

  • The following areas of Hancock Park will be excluded from any production posting/parking during normal school hours due to identified student drop off and pickups areas for Hancock Park schools as well as schools outside of the neighborhood that offer bus service. The affected streets are:

o Both sides of 2nd Street between June Street and Las Palmas Avenue o Both side of 2nd Street from Las Palmas Avenue going west for 150’
o Both sides of June Street from 2nd Street going south for 500 feet
o Both sides of June Street from Beverly Boulevard going north 250 feet

These pick up and drop areas are for the following schools: John Burroughs Middle School, Marlborough School, Samuel A. Fryer Yavenh Hebrew School, Third Street Elementary School, Archer School for Girls, Brentwood School, Buckley School, Oakwood School, Campbell Hall School, Harvard-Westlake School and Wildwood School.

Posting/parking may be allowed during weekends, holidays or any other times when school is not in session.

  • The standard residential requirement prohibiting arrival before 7:00 a.m. and departure after 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, must be strictly adhered to. An extension of the standard filming hours requires significant support (majority) from affected residents via the community survey process and the approved hours and days but must be specifically indicated on the permit.

  • Sidewalks must be kept clear at all times.
  • Craft service set ups, food preparation tables and dining tables are prohibited onsidewalks or parkways and must be out of public view.

  • Generator(s) with the proper noise shield shall only be parked in front of the location house, or in front of houses that have approved this activity.

  • Cast and crew shall be informed of the provisions of the Filmmakers’ Code of Professional Responsibility.

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