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Hancock Park 
Homeowners Association 
est. 1948


Please become a dues paying member today! Being a dues paying member by June 30th allows you to participate in the October election of the Board of Directors.  The HPHA'48 works with our CD4 Council Office, City Departments, LAPD , Private Security Companies and our community as a whole to preserve the quality of life for all residents in our historic neighborhood.  A few of the things your  annual dues and donations help us do -  increase neighborhood security awareness, communicate important information on local, city wide and state issues, purchase, plant and maintain new parkway trees and preserve our urban tree canopy and host Annual, Security and Block meetings.


                                                                  Promoting Security, Safety & Neighborhood Watch

                                                                   Working to Repair of our Streets and Sidewalks

                                                                 Parkway Tree Canopy, Preserving and Replanting 

                                                            Advocating for Traffic mitigations on our Residential Streets

                                                                  Maintaining the Highland Median Palms and Irrigation

                                                                         Advocating for Reasonable Filming Guidelines

                                                                      Historic Preservation neighborhood guidelines

                                                                                  Creating  A Sense of  Community!

Address: 137 North Larchmont Boulevard # 719, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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