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Hancock Park 
Homeowners Association 
est. 1948

December 2023 Column

29 Feb 2024 1:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

                                  We’re Still Looking for Answers?


Our Councilmember, Katy Yaroslavsky and her team have been in place for almost a year.  The Association and its members have a number of important and pressing issues that we’ve asked our Councilmember and her staff to help us with and, unfortunately, we’re still waiting for answers:

1)    How will the City address the dangerous flooding on Clinton between Lillian and Rossmore on Clinton that occurs during rain storms; hopefully before someone drowns;

2)    What progress has the DWP made in fixing the lack of communication to consumers when there is a major power outage.  Four days without power or information is inexcusable;

3)    When will repairs to our sidewalks and streets be done so pedestrians don’t trip and break bones and cars aren’t damaged;

4)    When will the street lights on Rossmore be fixed and the utility boxes secured so the vandalism stops;

5)    Graffiti, tagging and illegal flyer removal/cleanup is never done with  urgency -inviting more vandalism.

Lastly your constituents would like an accounting of how your office’s Discretionary Funds are spent.  The Association would like to continue our history of productive working relationships with our Council Office and look forward to these and other issues being addressed fully and expeditiously. 

To our residents and neighbors, please remember these are not the only concerns  we have, but these are the specific issues we have been trying to resolve for months!

There is always lot to do on behalf of the community and there are many efforts underway to improve all areas of life in Hancock Park.  We welcome volunteers to help with our work.  Again, see our website for more specific information about all these initiatives and other efforts.  A recording of  the meeting is available on

our website, Hancock Park Homeowners Association Est 1948 - Home

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