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Fixing Our Sidewalks – Who is Responsible and When Will it be Done?

7 Mar 2017 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

In 1974, as a result of federal funding, the City of Los Angeles passed an ordinance placing the obligation for maintaining sidewalks on the City. Years have gone by, funding has disappeared and our sidewalks are now often obstacle courses. In 2016 the City Council and mayor approved the Safe Sidewalks LA repair program. This program will ultimately review and, if needed, repair all the sidewalks in Los Angeles. After the review is done and the repairs, if necessary, are made the City will provide maintenance for the sidewalks for 20 years. After that the property owner will be responsible for sidewalk maintenance.

If you have a sidewalk that needs repair and you are willing to pay for the repairs, there is a rebate program where you can be reimbursed up to $2,000. The first step to getting your sidewalk repaired is to go to the Safe Sidewalks LA website – http://sidewalks.lacity.org/ and fill out a request. Select the Rebate Program and fill out a request. You can also call 311 to file a request. If you know of a dangerous sidewalk and want an immediate repair or if you’re disabled and there is a broken sidewalk use the options on the website for reporting these locations. In these cases, the repairs will usually be temporary asphalt patching.

Don’t forget to VOTE on March 7th! One of the most important items on the ballot is Measure S, which deals with growth in our city. Please get informed and VOTE! A good place to start your research is site: Ballotpedia – https://ballotpedia.org/Los_Angeles,_California,_Changes_to_Laws_Governing_the_General_Plan_and_Development,_Measure_S_(March_2017)#Overview

Safety is still an issue so lock your house, car and activate your house alarm if you have one. Contact Officer Dave Cordova if you are a victim of a crime and Dave can take a crime report. Call his cell phone, 213-793-0650 or send him an email, 31646@lapd.lacity.org with all the information, including your name and telephone number. The Association’s website is: http://www.hancockparkhomeownersassociation.org/ . The HPOZ Preservation Plan -http://www.preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/la/hancock-park regulates our HPOZ. Contact our City Planner, Kimberly Henry (kimberly.henry@lacity.org) and use the online form (http://preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/initial.screening.checklist) if you plan on making changes to the exterior of your house. Report graffiti sightings by calling 311 or at the City’s Anti-Graffiti Request System – http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm?CFID=1007&CFTOKEN=411CDB4F-0FC3-4EE1-89DE58DCCB435538 and by calling Hollywood Beautification, 323-463-5180.

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