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How to Manage Development – The Decision is Up to You

7 Mar 2017 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative (Measure S) on the March 7th ballot will ask Los Angeles voters to make a big decision about which direction development should or shouldn’t take. Measure S would: 1) Establish a temporary ban on all development projects requiring zoning that lifts land-use restrictions or increases permitted building heights and ban zoning changes that increase the allowed density or height of buildings or a net loss of land dedicated to open space, agriculture, or industry; 2) Prohibit project specific amendments to the city’s General Plan; 3) Require a public review process for the City’s General Plan every five years; 4) Require that environmental impact reviews be done by city staff, and 5) Limit reduction of on-site parking requirements for development by no more than one third. There are exemptions for some types of affordable housing developments and natural disaster reconstruction.

Opponents argue that the development process is transparent and open to citizen input and that Measure S would severely limit housing construction to the detriment of renters, businesses and the city. This measure reflects many residents’ frustration with what seems like out of control development, particularly in Hollywood. However, there are reasonable arguments on both sides and it is up to us, the citizens of Los Angeles, to carefully consider the measures proposed and decide if this is the right course of action. A good place to start your research is site: Ballotpedia – https://ballotpedia.org/Los_Angeles,_California,_Changes_to_Laws_Governing_the_General_Plan_and_Development,_Measure_S_(March_2017)#Overview , which lays out both sides of the argument and has links to further information.

Don’t forget to keep you and your family safe. Lock your lock your house, car and activate your house alarm if you have one. Contact Officer Dave Cordova if you are a victim of a crime and Dave can take a crime report. Call his cell phone, 213-793-0650 or send him an email, 31646@lapd.lacity.org with all the information, including your name and telephone number. The Association’s website is: http://www.hancockparkhomeownersassociation.org/ . The HPOZ Preservation Plan -http://www.preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/la/hancock-park regulates our HPOZ. Contact our City Planner, Kimberly Henry (kimberly.henry@lacity.org) and use the online form (http://preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/initial.screening.checklist) if you plan on making changes to the exterior of your house. Report graffiti sightings by calling 311 or at the City’s Anti-Graffiti Request System – http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm?CFID=1007&CFTOKEN=411CDB4F-0FC3-4EE1-89DE58DCCB435538 and by calling Hollywood Beautification, 323-463-5180.

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