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Keeping Development from Overwhelming Our Neighborhood

20 Jul 2016 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

No one needs reminding that the revitalization of Hollywood has moved south to the borders of Hancock Park. Now the sleepy Melrose border is alive with new construction and Wilshire Blvd.’s Miracle Mile is changing its character from primarily low impact business offices to condominiums and other housing. Growth can be a benefit for everyone, but and that’s where we are now … but … without thoughtful input from neighbors, fair and appropriate regulation and enforcement of the law developers will build, leave and stick us with the mess.

The Association has been working with other neighborhood groups on mitigating the impact of two large developments on Hancock Park’s border. The Farmer’s Insurance property on Wilshire Blvd been sold and the new owners will build condominiums and houses. The developers, working with neighbors, have developed a reasonable plan to balance this new residential activity with the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Melrose Avenue does not enjoy the same protection that The Park Mile Plan provides for Wilshire and the proposed redevelopment of the Paramount Studios property will have a major impact. Paramount’s first proposal to construct new parking structures, a new office tower and to install electronic billboards creating an Electronic Sign District was not approved at the recent City Planning Commission meeting. City staff, the Council Office, and everyone near this site were successful in scaling back such overwhelming development and raising Paramount’s contribution to traffic mitigation by $500,000.

The work done by you, your neighbors and your Association show that it is possible to have constructive input into large developments. Now, more than ever, it’s important that all of us stay aware of any proposed changes, hearing requests or construction in the areas surrounding Hancock Park. Your participation in writing letters and attending hearings is critical to keeping the residential/commercial balance right for all of us.

The Association’s Committees are always looking for new members to so join a committee by visiting our website and be an active part of our community. The HPOZ Preservation Plan -http://www.preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/la/hancock-park regulates our HPOZ. Contact our City Planner, Renata Dragland (renata.dragland@lacity.org), and use the online form (http://preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/initial.screening.checklist) if you plan on making changes to the exterior of your house. Report graffiti sightings by calling 311 or at the City’s Anti-Graffiti Request System – http://anti-graffiti.lacity.org/welcome.cfm?CFID=1007&CFTOKEN=411CDB4F-0FC3-4EE1-89DE58DCCB435538 and by calling Hollywood Beautification, 323-463-5180.

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